When you have a web project or you just need a server for some applications, you maybe have a question: “Which hosting to choose?”. Today I am going to share with my opinion about it.

In that post I will use word VPS (Virtual Private Server), If you don’t know the meaning.

When I had this question, I didn’t know any hosting providers, and actually I didn’t have a lot of money. Which one better? Which one cheaper? and many other different questions were visiting me, when I was looked for some information. I tried a lot of them like: Jino, Timeweb and ext. Prices of services like AWS or Microsoft Azure were scary for me. But after few years I found two good and cheap for me services it were: DigitalOcean and Siteground.

I have used both of them. And actually big difference between them it’s their types, but literally DigitalOcean is VPS and Siteground is shared hosting. Maybe somebody have a question like: “What?”, don’t worry, I will try to explain, VPS it’s when you get like full computer, not only web server like in shared hosting, but all system. So you can install other programs on it, and use it like VPN server, Tor server, File sever,…. So you see, that you have a lot of possibilities with it. But shared hosting is capitally different, it’s when you get only web server, so you just upload files, setup database, and that’s it. It’s your choice what to use!

If you are just beginner and you just need to put your site, I really recommend you to use Siteground. If you are on advanced level maybe will be better for you to use DigitalOcean, but you should know, that for setup will be better to have some knowledges about Linux! But if you want to try it and you don’t know Linux, I recommend you, to read DigitalOcean article!

So both of them are very good. For all of my projects I use DigitalOcean, because I can setup however I want, and after good setup it’s faster than a lot of shared hostings. Other big plus of DigitalOcean is that it’s very big hosting, so it has big community, and a lot of tutorials, like how to.

If you liked DigitalOcean, I can give you small gift, it’s 10$ on your account, just sign up with that  >> link <<