When you’re young developer or you just don’t want to spend your money for domain, you maybe got an idea to find that service, which will provide it for free. In that post I am going to share with one. And it’s Freenom!

Freenom is service which can provide you absolutely yours domain (it means that, by documents it will be yours) and you will get domain of the highest level (1 level, so, domain like: andrei.tk not andrei.freenom.com). Some people can think that free services are dangerous, but that service isn’t. It works like that: some countries have a little of domains, and they made registration for free. Only one minus of that service it’s that after domain expiration you cannot renew it (When I had domain there it was like that, now it’s maybe different).

So, as you understood Freenom is a free registrator, which you can use without any scary thoughts. I am not recommend it for web services or big sites, for them better to have domain .com or others, so, in that case, I recommend GoDaddy, which is quite good, I always use it. And for new users they provide very big discounts!